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Toddler MakeupIf you are in the market for toddler makeup, it is very likely because you have had a recent experience with your little one getting into your makeup and making a photo worthy mess of things. Or, you want to share your makeup time with your little one but you also don't want her making a mess in the process. Little girls naturally want to be like their mothers. It's part of who we are as humans. We look up to our role models and try to be like them. Applying makeup is no exception to this. That's why there is a need for toddler makeup in the first place.

Toddler Makeup That Doesn't Make a Mess

Although our little ones don't have a great deal of experience, don't mistake that for being easily fooled. When you want to give them a pretend makeup product they can tell if it is a cheap imitation of the real thing or not. That's why we made Mini-Play Makeup as realistic as possible. It looks like real makeup. It feels like real makeup. But it's not real. It doesn't apply any color to skin or lips. And we have thousands of satisfied little ones across the country and in other countries who love it because it is so close to the real thing but without the mess. If a less convincing option is chosen, it won't be long before she's back into your makeup making a mess of things. So, make it as real as you can without the mess. What else could you ask for in a toddler makeup? Toddler makeup is a great addition to mother- daughter shared time if you choose the right product. Make sure you choose one that looks like real makeup and feels like real makeup. Mini-Play Makeup fits the bill and she will never tire of playing with it, freeing you up for other more needful concerns.

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Mini-Play Makeup® looks & feels like real makeup, but it’s completely, 100% fake.