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Toddler Fake MakeupIf you have been searching for toddler fake makeup, you may want to consider the following things. First, why do you want fake makeup for your toddler? Is it to get them out of your makeup and stop making messes when they do get into it? Is it so you and your little one can connect during that time that you are applying your makeup? Or is it something else entirely? The reason behind your search should influence what you are looking for, especially with pretend make-up for toddlers. Second, how realistic do you want your toddler fake makeup to be? If you want to keep her out of your makeup, it better be pretty realistic. We have found that the more realistic the fake makeup is, the more likely she will play with it. As parents we never like it when our kids get a new toy only to have them toss it aside a week later.

Make Your Toddler Fake Makeup Work for You

Mini-Play Makeup makes toddler fake makeup kits that look like real makeup and feel like real makeup to the touch. We see over and over moms who rub their fingers across the surface of Mini-Play Makeup and then immediately examine their fingertips to see if any color transferred from the surface of the makeup. Naturally, because it92s fake makeup, no color transferred, but that is the beauty of Mini-Play Makeup. It feels so real, that you will be tempted to look at your finger tip to be sure that your child won92t make a mess with it. Moms who have purchased pretend makeup from Mini-Play Makeup report that even after two years their daughters still play with their pretend makeup on a regular basis and no longer get into their makeup. We92ve even had one grandmother report that her granddaughter sleeps with her Mini-Play Makeup every night... priceless!

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Mini-Play Makeup® looks & feels like real makeup, but it’s completely, 100% fake.