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Pretend Play MakeupIf you are looking for Pretend Play Makeup, you have come to the right place. At Mini-Play Makeup we have focused our efforts on creating an authentic pretend play experience for your little one that not only benefits them, but also you as a mother. Our emphasis is on the pretending part of pretend play makeup. By that, we mean a 100% mess free play experience. We can say this because our pretend play makeup is not real makeup. Mini-Play makeup is fake makeup that looks like real makeup and feels like real makeup to the touch. Fake makeup has to look and feel real or it won92t hold your child92s attention and they will be back into your makeup before long. We know this because we experimented a great deal before landing on our current offering of pretend play makeup.

Pretend Play Makeup for Children

It is our view that pretend play makeup needs to be as much for the parent as it is for the child. After all it was my daughter getting into my makeup that inspired me to begin experimenting with pretend play makeup in the first place. I wanted her to stay out of my makeup yet I recognized that she was trying to mimic me by pretending to apply makeup to her face. After all, children seem to come preprogrammed to mimic their parent92s behavior. Makeup is no exception.

Choose Pretend Play Makeup that Looks and Feels Real

Mini-Play Makeup is successful at getting little girls out of their mother92s makeup for two reasons. It looks like real makeup and it feels like real makeup to the touch. That soft and smooth texture is magical to little girls and it keeps them out of mom92s makeup so they no longer make messes for mom to clean up. We92ve had mothers report that they have had Mini-Play Makeup for over 18 months and their daughters still play with it regularly and, perhaps more importantly, their daughters have not gotten into mom92s makeup since Mini-play makeup first arrived. See for your self.

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Looks & Feels Real

Mini-Play Makeup® looks & feels like real makeup, but it’s completely, 100% fake.