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Pretend Makeup for ToddlersOf course we're serious about pretend makeup for toddlers. As any mother who has had a daughter knows, most little girls are trying to be like their mothers very early on. This includes attempting to put on makeup; usually Mom's makeup and making a horrible mess while they do it. As mothers, we finally find a moment of peace and quiet until suddenly, we wonder, "Why is my daughter being so quiet? By the way, where is my daughter?" We then begin a systematic search of our homes to find out where she is and what she is doing. When we round the corner of the room she is in, we find her with the makeup parts scattered all over the room. Makeup is also scattered all over her face, her clothes, her hair, the floor, the furniture and any other object within range. It's at this moment that we realize we need to find something to take her attention off of our makeup. Consequently, that's why moms are searching for pretend makeup for toddlers. Our emotions are torn because we want her to grow up to be a woman some day and she is preparing now. However, we also know that we won't be getting much help from her in cleaning up this mess, and will that lipstick come out of the carpet?

Let's get Serious about Pretend Makeup for Toddlers

Mini-Play Makeup is a kids pretend makeup company for little girls who understood this issue and set about to rid the world of makeup messes made by our daughters. They invented a line of pretend makeup products that are 100% mess free yet they look and feel real when you touch them. So real in fact, that you will have to examine carefully to be sure they are pretend. Rest assured they are pretend makeup and not going to make a mess! Our target age for these products is age 3 and older to avoid choking hazards with some of the products.

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All Mini-Play Makeup® products have a 15-day money-back guarantee.

Looks & Feels Real

Mini-Play Makeup® looks & feels like real makeup, but it’s completely, 100% fake.