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New Pretend Make-Up For ToddlersIf you have been looking for pretend make-up for toddlers it is probably because your toddler keeps getting into your makeup and making a fine mess of things. Am I right? That was certainly the case when I created Mini-Play Makeup for my daughter. She was constantly getting into my makeup and making a mess. I don92t fault her motivation. Little girls want to be like their role models (mothers or grandmothers). They want to mimic just about everything that they observe us doing. They just don92t quite know how to do it without the mess yet. And we, as mothers, don92t want them applying makeup any sooner than is necessary--thus, the need for pretend make-up for toddlers. As you consider your options while you search, you will want to know the compelling benefits of Mini-Play Makeup relative to any alternatives you may find out there. First, Mini-Play Makeup looks more like real makeup than any alternatives that we have found. As such, it grabs your little one92s attention better than any alternatives. Second, Mini-Play Makeup feels like real makeup to the touch. I am continually amazed at how many mothers check their finger tip after rubbing across the surface of our makeup. It feels that real!

Get the Best Pretend Make-up for Toddlers Available

If you want to get your daughter out of your makeup and make the time that you spend applying makeup more of a joy than a burden, get your daughter a Mini-Play Makeup kit. It is the best pretend make-up for toddlers available anywhere. You will enjoy the benefits of no more messes to clean up. She will enjoy countless hours of pretending to be you and you both will enjoy makeup time together from now on.

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Mini-Play Makeup® looks & feels like real makeup, but it’s completely, 100% fake.