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Pretend Make-Up for ToddlerIf you are like most of us, searching for pretend make-up for toddler has been a daunting task. First, I92m sure that you started searching locally in the stores in your neighborhood. Then you expanded your search into larger community92s retail stores only to find the same thing; which is to say, not much. You may have found very cheap unrealistic fake makeup that more closely resembled water colors then it did a real makeup set. Or, you found some wood cut into shapes with a painted image of something, that92s also supposed to be makeup. Last, but not least, you probably found the stuff marketed as play makeup which is actually the real stuff - exactly what you want to steer clear of! Why are you searching in the first place for pretend make-up for toddler? Because you want a fake makeup that is realistic enough to keep your little one92s attention so they will quit getting into your makeup and making a mess! Is that too much to ask? At Mini-Play Makeup, we don92t think so. You see Mini-Play Makeup was created by a mom for moms. She wanted a realistic makeup experience without the real mess. When she couldn92t find it, she created her own. Eventually, she received so many requests for additional kits that she turned it into Mini-Play Makeup. And now, moms all over the world are enjoying the benefits of Mini-Play Makeup and our pretend make-up for toddlers.

Realistic Pretend Make-Up for Toddler

Mini-Play Makeup looks like real makeup and it feels like real makeup to the touch. It92s the perfect pretend make-up for toddlers! We are still amazed at how many people rub their fingers across the surface of our makeup and then examine their finger tip to see if any color made its way onto their finger tip. Naturally, it never does, since it92s 100% fake; but, it92s amazing to see that repeat itself over and over. Moms tell us their makeup-mess days are over and their daughters still play with their mini-play makeup kits over one and one half years after they first received it. Now that92s a toy worth purchasing!

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Money Back Guarantee

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Looks & Feels Real

Mini-Play Makeup® looks & feels like real makeup, but it’s completely, 100% fake.