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Pretend Cosmetic KitsWhy pretend cosmetic kits in the first place? Has your daughter ever gotten into your makeup and made a mess out of everything? Or, from a more endearing side, does your daughter like to apply makeup while you are applying yours? These are a couple of the more obvious reasons for pretend cosmetics. Introducing, Mini-Play Makeup, a pretend makeup invented by a mom for moms. The founder of Mini-Play Makeup had these very experiences with her daughter. Her little girl would get into her makeup and make a mess when all she really wanted to do was imitate her mother putting on makeup. Understanding her daughter92s desire, but not willing to continue cleaning up messes, she began looking for pretend cosmetic kits that would be convincing enough to keep her daughter92s attention. When she couldn92t find anything, she decided to create her own. She considered the formula a great success when her daughter no longer got into her makeup. Mini-Play Makeup looks and feels so real that her daughter, now age 6, still plays with her pretend makeup years later. You and your daughter can enjoy these same benefits with Mini-Play Makeup. Why is Mini-Play Makeup so successful at keeping little girls attention over such a long period of time; because, Mini-Play Makeup not only looks like real makeup, but it also feels like real makeup. It92s no longer a surprise when women examine their finger tip after rubbing it across the surface of our makeup it.

Mini-Play Makeup is the Ideal Among Pretend Cosmetic Kits

Get rid of all the makeup messes in your life today and start enjoying the time that your daughter shares with you each day when you both apply makeup. You, applying real makeup; and your daughter applying her pretend cosmetic kit from Mini-Play Makeup. Fake cosmetics are the way to go, no mess, no fuss, and just hours of smiling for your little children at home or at your little one's party.

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All Mini-Play Makeup® products have a 15-day money-back guarantee.

Looks & Feels Real

Mini-Play Makeup® looks & feels like real makeup, but it’s completely, 100% fake.