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Play Makeup for Toddler GirlWhen you engage on a search for something as specific as a play makeup for toddler girl, you are looking for something very precise. I'm guessing you are searching for play makeup for your little girl because she is getting into your makeup often and making a mess each time. She might also be interrupting you during the time you are applying makeup yourself, making that time more frustrating for you and her. At Mini-Play Makeup we understand this because our founder and creator is a mom who created Mini-Play Makeup for moms as much as for their daughters. We understand that little girls look up to their mothers and grandmothers and want to be like them now. They want to dress up in their clothing and shoes and prance around the room pretending to be Mom. They want to play house and be in charge. And, they want to apply makeup like mom does too. That's what drives them to get into your makeup in the first place. Knowing this, and knowing that mom doesn't like to clean up messes all the time inspired our founder to search for the right combination of components to makeup a play makeup for toddler girls that looks like real makeup and feels like it also. We have the best pretend makeup for toddlers that you'll find online or in the store.

You Have Found the Best Play Makeup for Toddler Girl Available

You want a play makeup for your toddler girl that will grab and hold your daughter's attention long enough that she will outgrow the desire to get into your makeup. Mini-Play Makeup does just that. We followed up with moms who have had our pretend makeup kits for over a year and one half to see how things are going, and they have reported that their little girls are still playing with their makeup kits regularly. Perhaps, more importantly, they no longer get into mom's makeup. Mission accomplished.

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Mini-Play Makeup® looks & feels like real makeup, but it’s completely, 100% fake.