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“That’s stupid, I don’t get it.”  That was one father’s reaction to the idea of play cosmetics when he first heard of it.  However, a lot of mothers do get it.  According to the US Bureau of labor statistics, there are approximately 6 million girls between the ages of 3 and 7 years old in the US at any given time.  And most of those girls, especially in the early years will get into their mothers makeup and make a fantastic mess.  Ask most mothers of daughters in this age group and they will most likely corroborate that this has been their experience as well.  Which is precisely where the notion and need of kids play cosmetics comes from.  Little girls want to “be like mom” so they get into mom’s clothes.  They prance around in mom’s heals and they also get into her makeup.  The last one creates undesirable side effects such as a mess, ruined makeup, etc.  

Early attempts at cosmetics sets for kids usually came in the form of either painted blocks of wood, or cheap plastic imitations.  Neither of which actually looked nor felt like real makeup.  Consequently, our daughters got right back into mom’s makeup and continued their tyrannical reign in the form of the demolition of makeup, room, furniture and clothing.  Ironically enough, this type of kids play cosmetics sets are still on the market, even though they do not get played with much and daughters are still getting into mom’s makeup after the purchase.  

So, they swung the pendulum in the other direction a little too far. The cosmetics set for kids that were introduced next were actually real cosmetics just marketed to little girls.  What’s the problem with this solution?  Well, they are real cosmetics.  They still make a mess.  Perhaps the redeeming quality here is that they are not destroying mom’s makeup any longer.  However, mom still needs to supervise play makeup time with these types of play cosmetics for kids.  Either that or she will have to clean up a mess if she is not there to supervise.  Which, there is a time and a place for shared makeup time for mothers and daughters, but most mom’s that have shared their views with the author feel like there needs to be an option for unsupervised play time for little girls with their own kid safe cosmetics.  Not to mention, mess free.

Where Play Cosmetics Hits a Home run

Kid safe cosmetics can mean different things to different people.  For the purposes of this writing, the purposes will be on those that actually do not make a mess, hold little girls attention and free up mom so she does not always have to supervise kids play cosmetics time.  That’s where miniplaymakeup.com entered the picture.  Mini-Play Makeup invented pretend makeup that looks and feels like real makeup.  The founder focused on both appearing and feeling as close to real makeup as possible.  The idea of “feels real” is the key here.  If it doesn’t look real, she won’t play with it.  If a play cosmetics for kids set does not feel real to the touch she won’t keep playing with it.  So, it had to do both. 

www.miniplaymakeup.com’s little cosmetics do both.  They look like real makeup and they feel like real makeup to the touch.  Most people who rub their fingertip across the surface of our makeup immediately examine their fingertip.  And that keeps daughters playing with their own play cosmetics set.  It actually feels real!  Which means, she stays out of mom’s makeup.  Which means, mom doesn’t have to clean up a mess nor does she have to supervise kids play cosmetics time anymore!   Which is the whole point of play cosmetics, from a mother’s perspective.  Get your daughter out of your makeup today with a kids play cosmetics set today!

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