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Plastic Pretend Makeup for Kids
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I imagine that if you are looking for plastic pretend makeup for kids you've searched in a lot of places only to be disappointed by what you've found. I also imagine that you've been to toy stores, department stores, as well as dollar stores in your quest to find realistic looking plastic makeup. Unfortunately, you were probably only able to find really cheap and not very realistic looking chintzy products that always underwhelm you and your little one, or aren't plastic at all. We all know what three-year-olds do with real makeup!

Are You Looking for Plastic Pretend Makeup for Kids?

What you want is plastic pretend makeup for kids that looks like real makeup and feels like real makeup. Am I right? Search no farther! Mini-Play Makeup is a line of plastic pretend makeup for kids designed to look like real makeup and feel like real makeup so your little one will actually play with it. But, perhaps even more importantly, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that she's not making a mess out of your makeup and in your home while you leave her unsupervised.

The Best Plastic Pretend Makeup for Kids is the One That Looks and Feels Like the Real Thing

I get such a kick out of watching little girls, mothers and grandmothers who have rubbed their finger tips across the surface of Mini-Play Makeup's pretend makeup for kids. Without fail, they look at their fingers to see if any colorant transferred from the makeup surface to their finger tip. It feels that real; but it's not! It's fake! Often, they do it again to double check and see if their eyes are misleading them. Consequently, in your search for plastic pretend makeup for kids, checkout Mini-Play Makeup. Little girls and mothers alike are thrilled with all that Mini-Play Makeup has to offer. And when you touch it for the first time, I'll bet you are tempted to look at your finger tip as well.

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Money Back Guarantee

All Mini-Play Makeup® products have a 15-day money-back guarantee.

Looks & Feels Real

Mini-Play Makeup® looks & feels like real makeup, but it’s completely, 100% fake.