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Little Girls Makeup Kit A little girls' makeup kit from Mini-Play Makeup is every girls' dream and every mother's wish come true. When my wife first came up with this idea, I responded with, "That's stupid, I don't get it." Since then, I've heard too many mothers rave in person, through email, and on our website, about how wonderful this little girls' makeup kit is for both their daughter and themselves. I am humbled, to say the least. A nice kids makeup kit will put a smile on any little girls face! What makes Mini-Play Makeup kits so wonderful for little girls? Our little girls' makeup kit both looks and feels like real makeup! So real, in fact, that most people have to check their finger tip after rubbing it on the blush, shadows, or compact. There is no pretend makeup on the market today that looks or feels so real. Even the nail polish and roll-on lip gloss are authentic except there is no mess with either one... a mother's dream come true! Mini-Play Makeup little girls' makeup kits are 100% mess free, making them 100% worry free. After all, it was a messy makeup experience that inspired the idea behind Mini-Play Makeup products in the first place.

A Little Girls' Makeup Kit from Mini-Play Makeup is the Perfect Solution

Mini-Play Makeup kits for little girls are designed for both you and your daughter. For you, because we know that you have enough messes in your life already. We know this from personal experience. We also designed it for your daughter to delight her with the authentic look and feel of real makeup. I can't count the number of times we've heard from moms about how their daughters love their new pretend makeup kit. Our daughter loves hers, and we know yours will too.

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Mini-Play Makeup® looks & feels like real makeup, but it’s completely, 100% fake.