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Kids Play Makeup
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Parents, ever have the experience of walking into your bathroom to find your little girl has gotten into your make up? Red lipstick staining her delicate skin, mascara globed into her eyelashes, and eye shadow everywhere? Ever find it on your walls, furniture, or in your carpet? Parents, have you ever purchased kids play makeup for your child to discover it is sticky, messy and stains everything, including your child's skin? Then you need to contact us. We have created an amazing product that will allow your child to use her imagination, and save you the hassle and worry of the clean up (or the ruined furniture/carpet/wallpaper). In the long run this cutting edge kid's play makeup could save you thousands of dollars on new carpet and or furniture.

Kids Play Makeup 100% Mess Free, 100% Toxic Free

Mini play make up is a small company designed for moms who want their daughters to have freedom of imaginary play with makeup, but are tired of the mess and hassle. We spent many months creating a product that would allow your daughter just that, freedom of imaginative play with mess free make up. This mess free make up is non toxic and non allergenic. It is 100% mess free. This is the greatest kids play makeup ever created! Kid's play makeup products are eye shadows, lipsticks, blush, lip gloss, fingernail polish and a powder compact. These individual products come in a variety of beautiful soft colors, and may also be purchased in a makeup kit. Don't forget the accessories to go with it, or else those little darlings will be using your brushes and sponges! Don't wait another minute, order today and watch your little girls face light up when she finds out she can use her makeup anytime without supervision. And mom will be happy to when there is no mess to clean up.

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Money Back Guarantee

All Mini-Play Makeup® products have a 15-day money-back guarantee.

Looks & Feels Real

Mini-Play Makeup® looks & feels like real makeup, but it’s completely, 100% fake.