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Kids Makeup Kit

Attention moms!!! Do you have little girls who like to dress up? Are you looking for a product that is mess free to your home and your child? Then you need to discover Mini play makeup and our kids makeup kits, they have been the top seller and we've had nothing but great feedback from the mom's who ordered them for their child. Designed with your little darling in mind this product is non toxic and non allergenic. It is 100% mess free to your child and won't stain your carpet, walls, clothing, skin or anything. This is actually not real make up, however if looks and feels so real, your child will never know. You will be satisfied with the lack of clean up and your child will be satisfied with having her own kids make up kit. Using Mini play make up is a win, win situation for all and your little girl will just LOVE her new kids makeup kit!


Play Cosmetics For Your Little Girl


  Moms, if your daughters are dying for their own kid's makeup kit, check our great product line. We have eye shadows in a variety of colors. Blush to rosy their cheeks, lip color and glitter gloss, powders, and even fingernail polish. That's right; none of it will stain anything! You will never have to worry again about your children getting into your make up and ruining clothing, carpet, furniture or wallpaper. They no longer need to get into mom's makeup, they can have their own!

Easily Order Your Kids Makeup Kit Online and have it Shipped to your Door

Check us out today, and find out how we can help simplify mom's life a little, by offering you a product that requires no clean up. Wouldn't it be nice if there were more products in the world like this? We are here to help you and your family. We also know how important imaginary play is for small children. This kid's makeup kit is a great product for the m to immerse themselves in their imagination!



Kids Makeup Kits - All Mess Free!

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Mini-Play Makeup® looks & feels like real makeup, but it’s completely, 100% fake.