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Great Gifts for 4 Year Old GirlsOne of the hallmarks of great gifts for 4 year old girls is an affirmative answer to the question "does mom also benefit from this gift?" If the answer is “no” than its not likely to be classified as a great gift. However, if the answer is “yes,” than you are really onto something that enhances both your young daughter and you as a mother. If we consider what 4 year olds want, we know one basic theme, they want to be like their primary role model in every way. And that is you mom. She wants to be just like you. This includes dressing, cooking, playing house, and even applying makeup. Which can be a disaster if you are not hovering in the room to contain the experiment and prevent a mess. We all have walked in on our little girls after they have had unsupervised time with Mom's makeup. A disastrous mess! Hey, that's where Mini-Play Makeup helps these two subjects intersect. Mini-Play Makeup makes pretend (toy) makeup for little girls. This harnesses that desire to be “like mom,” and it also frees you up to focus on things other than a potential makeup mess. The proof is found in our customer comments back to us. They report that after they gave their little girls a pretend makeup kit from Mini-Play Makeup, their daughters NEVER got back into moms makeup again! That's pretty impressive. You just made it so your daughter can be “like mom” and you gave yourself the gift of peace of mind knowing you won't have any more future makeup messes to deal with.

Great Gifts for 4 Year Old Girls, and their Mothers!

Those same mothers who bought a pretend makeup kit as a gift for their 4 year old girls also told us that their daughters played with their pretend Mini-Play Makeup kit for as long as FOUR YEARS! Once again, amazing. The trick is in how realistic Mini-Play Makeup looks and FEELS. Looking real is vital, but feeling real is the key to making that experience compelling enough for her to be satisfied and stay out of mom's makeup for good. Get one of the greatest gifts for your 4 year old girl(s), and yourself today!

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Mini-Play Makeup® looks & feels like real makeup, but it’s completely, 100% fake.