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Good Christmas Gifts For GirlsIf you are looking for good Christmas gifts for girls this holiday season and you have a girl ages 3 - 9, you probably want to check out Mini-Play Makeup at miniplaymakup.com. You see, Mini-Play Makeup is an entire line of pretend makeup for little girls. And when we say "pretend" makeup, we mean "fake" makeup. It's not real makeup. However, it looks like real makeup and it feels like real makeup. So much so, that when most moms rub their fingertip across the surface of our makeup, they immediately check their fingertip to see if any color transferred to their finger. They walk away totally surprised that nothing comes off it feels that real!

We Have Good Christmas Gifts For Girls Such As Play Makeup

The benefit to you is that there is no mess to clean up after your little ones are done playing "makeup". The benefit to daughters is they get to play at being grown up just like mommy all she wants--without supervision. This frees you up to do the things you might find more pressing then making sure that she doesn't make a mess out of your makeup, furniture, or her clothing. Moms who have purchased Mini-Play Makeup tell us repeatedly why they make such good makeup Christmas gift for girls. First, it gets their daughters out of their makeup. Second, it keeps them out of mom's makeup. Moms tell us that since their daughter received their own pretend makeup kit that they no longer get into their makeup. Mothers report that even after two years they are still playing with their makeup on a regular basis. Now that's staying power and money well spent on a Christmas gift!

You will be amazed and thrilled by just how realistic and appropriate Mini-Play Makeup is for you and your daughter when you handle the shadows or compact. The lip rollers are as cute and clever as can be. The colors are so realistic you will fool even the most discerning child. You will agree that a kit from Mini-Play Makeup is one very good Christmas gifts for your girl or girls this year. Go ahead, take a look today.

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Mini-Play Makeup® looks & feels like real makeup, but it’s completely, 100% fake.