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When it comes to girls pretend makeup, you don't have too many choices. You can choose real makeup that is called pretend makeup, but it still makes a mess, because it's still real makeup. It's just cheaper and it looks it too. Or, there is always the pieces of wood with paint on them that do not even remotely resemble makeup. And then there is the former water color paint trays with dried nail polish colors painted into the tray slots to attempt to simulate makeup... once again, not very compelling. None of these do much for your little girls, or you. Pretend makeup gifts are a great idea for any little girl that wants real makeup, but isn't just ready for it yet! Girls Pretend MakeupAnd then there is Mini-Play Makeup. Mini-Play Makeup is a girls pretend makeup that is fake makeup designed for little girls and their mothers because it looks like real makeup, but it's not real. You will never have to clean up a mess with Mini-Play Makeup. We use real makeup containers to hold our materials. But we don't stop there. Mini-Play Makeup also feels like real makeup when you touch, or rub, it with your fingertip. So, not only does it look like real makeup to the eye, but it also very closely simulates the feel of real makeup when you touch it. And, that's what makes it work. Little girls will play with Mini-Play Makeup kits because they look and feel like real makeup. Mom's love it because they don't have to worry about a makeup mess after play time.

Realistic Girls Pretend Makeup

Some mothers express concern that Mini-Play Makeup's girls pretend makeup does not put anything on their daughters cheeks or lips. Mothers who have purchased Mini-Play Makeup report back to us that their daughters play with it for hours at a time. Additionally, they tell us their daughters play with it for months and even years. Some of our customers keep coming back and buying more each year because their daughters just love playing with it and have played with it for over two years in many cases. So, as far as girls pretend makeup goes, there is nothing better for little girls and their moms than Mini-Play Makeup.

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Looks & Feels Real

Mini-Play Makeup® looks & feels like real makeup, but it’s completely, 100% fake.