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Gifts for 3 Year Old GirlWhen asked about potential Makeup gifts for your 3 year old girl, what would you say? "Yes, but I must be hypo-allergenic?" Or more likely, it would sound like this: "Are you out of your mind? She is too young and already makes a mess out of mine." Or perhaps it would be somewhere between those extremes. Whatever your answer may be regarding that question, you really should know about Mini-Play Makeup (fake) makeup. Mini-play Makeup is fake makeup for little girls, but it looks, and feels, so real that you and she both will be amazed! Most people who touch the surface of Mini-Play Makeup immediately examine their fingertip to see if any color transferred. Since it's not real makeup, nothing transfers. No color, lotion, powder, Nothing! That's how we can give our 100% mess free guarantee, making it one of the perfect gifts for 3 year old girls. We have learned that if it doesn't look and feel real, your little one will not play with it and she will be right back into your makeup. However, our customers have told us that because our pretend "fake" makeup does both look and feel realistic, that their daughters play with it for hours on end. And for years at a time. In one case, the mother told us her daughters played with their Mini-Play Makeup kits for four years! Staggering isn't it.

Great Gifts for 3 year old Girl

But, perhaps even more compelling is the fact that this same mom, and all our moms, report back to us that since getting their daughter a Mini-Play Makeup kit, their daughter has never gotten back into mom's makeup again! Never! Nada! Not once! That is the holy grail of desired outcomes of a pretend makeup kit. It's realistic for her so she will play with it. And, it's mess free for you mom, and it keeps her entertained and out of your makeup kit for good. Which is the secret sauce behind why a pretend makeup kit from miniplaymakeup.com is one of the best gifts for 3 year old girl(s) the world over. So, get her out of your makeup today by getting her a Mini-Play Makeup kit of her very own.

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Mini-Play Makeup® looks & feels like real makeup, but it’s completely, 100% fake.