Unique Gifts For Little Girls


Unique Gifts For Little GirlsPerhaps one of the most unique gifts for little girls is a blend between makeup and toy. In that, we mean fake makeup. This is a toy, not makeup, yet if done properly if looks just like real makeup. Not only that, it also feels like real makeup. Of course, this assumes that it is done well. One example of pretend makeup done really well is Mini-Play Makeup. When mothers rub their fingertips across the surface of Mini-Play Makeup they always immediately examine their finger tip to see if any color transferred. And, of course no color transfers with Mini-Play Makeup because it is not real makeup. It is fake makeup. It’s a toy designed to simulate real makeup.

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What makes this such a unique gift for little girls is that there are so few play makeup products on the market and fewer still that do it in such a way that it looks and feels real. The best part of this is that you, as mom, don’t have any mess to contend with after play time with our makeup gifts for little girls. Well, that might be the second best part. Perhaps the best part is that it looks and feels so real that she will play with it for sustained periods of time and will quit getting into your makeup because she has her own. Mothers who purchased Mini-Play Makeup report back that their daughters quit getting into mom’s makeup any more after they received their play makeup kit. They also told us that their daughters have consistently played with their makeup kits for as much as two years after they received it.

That’s staying power.

You can select the most ideal unique gift for your little girl at miniplaymakeup.com by choosing items ala cart or from one of the pre-packaged kits. There are several to chose from to meet a variety of tastes and budgets. Get your unique gift for little girls today.