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Unique Gifts For GirlsWith the short attention span of young girls today, we often find ourselves looking for unique gifts for girls. Not only that, but part of our culture in the US is that we aspire to be unique in any way we can. This also translates into the gifts we give as well. One such unique gift for girls that you need to know about is pretend makeup from Mini-Play Makeup. This is pretend makeup for girls that looks like real makeup and feels like real makeup but is not real makeup. It is absolutely fake. No mess, no color transfer, no lotions, potions or creams. Just good old fashioned looking and feeling like real makeup.

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How is that possible? Take the finger-tip test yourself. Most people who rub their finger tip on the surface of Mini-Play Makeup’s shadows, blushes or compacts immediately examine the tip of their finger to see if any color showed up. Now, since it is not real makeup there is no color transfer to skin or lips or any other surface you can think of. However, it still feels like real makeup. So much so, that it is a compelling, long-lasting, play experience for little girls in spite of not actually being real makeup. Not to mention it being one of the cool gifts for girls they will actually love!

Mothers who purchased their unique gifts for girls from miniplaymakeup.com report back to us that their daughters quit getting into mom’s makeup immediately. Not only this, but their little girls also played extensively with their pretend makeup kits consistently for over two years. That is staying power that is rarely matched by most gifts for girls or boys. So, if you want a unique gift for your girl or girls, look into miniplaymakeup.com today. You will find a unique gift that benefits both the giver and the receiver.