Travel Toys Toddlers


Travel Toys ToddlersNeed to keep your little ones occupied while traveling? Check out the Mini-Play Makeup travel toys toddlers will love. Mini-Play MakeupA0 makes pretend play makeup for little girls. What’s so remarkable about that? They are 100% mess free. You see, most little girls want to copy their moms; including applying makeup. That usually results in the little one getting into mommy’s makeup and making a very big mess. One that is inconvenient and difficult to clean up. That’s the last thing you want to deal with while traveling somewhere. We have solved the problem with our popular travel toys for toddlers, 100% mess free, pretend makeup.

What you really are looking for is something that will grab and keep their attention, while simultaneously keeping them quiet. Am I right? I’m pretty sure I am. Mini-Play Makeup is perfect for this. Our fake makeup is so realistic that it looks just like the real thing. What’s remarkable about Mini-Play Makeup is that it feels just like real makeup too. When mom’s rub their fingertip across the surface of our fake makeup, they immediately examine their finger tip to see if any color is on their finger. Amazing! They know it’s not real, but they can’t resist the temptation to look. I’ll bet you will do the same.

Get Your Travel Toys Toddlers Love from Mini-Play Makeup

If you have travel plans and need travel toys toddlers will quietly play with, get yourself a Mini-Play Makeup set today. Moms who purchased Mini-Play Makeup sets over two years ago report back to us that their daughters are still playing with their pretend makeup a full two years later. Perhaps more importantly, they also report that their daughter has not gotten into mommy’s makeup since the time that they received their very own makeup set from Mini-Play Makeup. That is a classic win-win situation that can’t be argued with. Go ahead and try the finger tip test yourself. It’s tough to resist.