Travel Toys for Toddlers


Travel Toys for ToddlersKeys? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Purse? Check. Travel toys for toddlers? Uh, what? Any road trip can have a broad range of items you might want to take with you. If you are traveling with young children you may want to add travel toys for toddlers to your checklist. Here’s one traveling toy that will delight any toddler girl who loves to play with makeup. Mini-Play Makeup has a wide range of realistic makeup toys that are completely mess-free, since it’s 100% fake. Your daughter can play for hours with her pretend blushes or shadows and you don’t have to worry about any mess later because it’s 100 % mess free.

Not all pretend/fake makeup is the same. Mini-Play Makeup is pretend makeup that looks like real makeup and feels like real makeup, but is not real makeup. We are constantly amazed at how many mothers rub their finger tip across the surface of Mini-Play Makeup and then immediately examine their finger tip to see if any color came off the fake makeup surface onto their finger tip. The surface of our pretend makeup feels that real.

Mini-Play Makeup is so convincing that little girls won’t even miss the fact that nothing shows up on their skin. In a way, this travel toy for toddlers is liberating for children. This in one toy that little girls can play with for hours-guilt free!

Get Convincing Travel Toys for Toddlers

On your next trip, if you want your daughter to play instead of be sedated with mind-numbing cartoons the entire trip, get her pretend makeup. Mini-Play Makeup is the only fake makeup on the market today that looks and feels like the real thing. She’ll love playing with it, and you will love the fact that you won’t have a mess to clean up later.