Toy Makeup


Toy MakeupIf you are looking for toy makeup, you should consider Mini-Play Makeup92s line of fake makeup. We all know why you are considering toy makeup. The little girl in your life got into your makeup and made a whopper of a mess, didn92t she? In designing the Mini-Play Makeup line, both mother and daughter were considered. Our makeup line looks and feels so real that we can no longer count how many times fingers are checked and double checked to see if any color has rubbed off. Since our line is completely fake there is zero mess and zero worries of ruined clothing, furniture, or carpets.

Looking for Toy Makeup?

Most toy makeup does not look or feel real, and therefore does not hold the attention of your child. Many times 93real makeup94 is marketed as toy makeup which is exactly what you don92t want97the big mess. With Mini-Play Makeup toy makeup, the look and feel is so real that it captivates children for hours. And since it92s not real, you can relax and let them play without fear of a big mess to clean up.

Toy Makeup that Looks and Feels Real, and is 100% Mess Free

Not only does our toy makeup look and feel real, it92s 100% mess free. So Relax. Let the little girl in your life play for hours with Mini-Play Makeup. We understand that little girls want to be just like mom. Well now she can have her very own makeup that92s just as real looking as mom92s but CLEAN! Nothing transfers, so there92s nothing to clean up. Not even messy clear gels or liquids to worry about. Mini-Play Makeup is simply the perfect toy makeup for the little girls in your life.