Toy Makeup Set


Toy Makeup SetThe best toy makeup set doesn92t come from a large corporation like Disney or Mattel. You can92t find it on the shelves of FAO Schwartz or Wal-Mart. It92s not even that well known. But, it is simply the best toy makeup set you can find. What is it? It92s Mini-Play Makeup! Mini-Play Makeup offers the best toy makeup because it looks like real makeup and it also feels like real makeup to the touch. Most toy makeup neither looks nor feels like real makeup making it difficult to hold your little one92s attention for long enough to get your own makeup on. That92s not a problem with Mini-Play Makeup. Mothers have reported to us that 18 months after initial purchase, their daughters are still playing regularly with their pretend makeup kits from Mini-Play Makeup.

This is primarily because it both looks and feels like real makeup. We are continuously amazed at how many mothers rub their finger across the surface of our makeup and then immediately examine their finger tip to see if any red or blue, or pink transferred to their finger tip. They do this in spite of knowing that this is fake makeup. However, it feels very real so they can92t help themselves. We strive to create safe and fun makeup toys for kids, made by parents who know why kids smile!

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So, if you have a little one that keeps getting into your makeup or that you want to enhance your own shared time together while you apply makeup, get Mini-Play Makeup and start enhancing both your life and her life. There is a 95% chance that you will look at your finger tip as well. And you will love the fact that she plays with it for hours on end allowing you to put your energies in other areas that demand your time. You92ll both be glad you did.