Toy Make Up for Girls


Toy Makeup for GirlsAt Mini-Play Makeup, our goal is to create an authentic makeup experience for you and your daughter without an authentic real makeup mess. So you and your little ones get the real makeup experience (at least the appearance and feel of real makeup) without the accompanying mess. We know that it’s no fun to have to clean up a makeup mess. And we also know that your daughter will not likely be helping you clean up that mess anytime soon. So, until she can, Mini-Play Makeup has created a mess-free toy makeup for girls that you can leave her with anytime anywhere and not worry about a mess.

Nor is toy make up for girls messy when you have Mini-Play Makeup. How many moms have found at one time or another, their daughter covered in mom’s makeup? Sure, it’s a cute photo opportunity for a future memory to laugh at. But it’s also a mess to clean up and a constant hassle to keep her out of your makeup during that critical stage of her life. Toy make up for girls from Mini-Play Makeup is not messy. Yet it looks like real makeup, and it feels like real makeup to the touch of your finger. Our makeup toys for kids has become incredible popular!

Clean Toy Makeup for Girls

You can have your cake and eat it too. Or at least you can have your daughter play with toy makeup for girls from Mini-Play Makeup and not worry about any more messes to clean up until she grows out of that stage of life. Moms report back to us that their daughters have played regularly with Mini-Play Makeup for two years after they initially received it and they also report that their daughters no longer get into their makeup after they received their very own Mini-Play Makeup kit. Remove the mess from your future today.