Toy Make Up Set


Toy Make up SetThe world’s best toy makeup set has three very important characteristics. First, it looks just like real makeup to adults and, more importantly, to little girls. It has to look like the real thing. Otherwise what’s the point? Your little one won’t be fooled for long and she will be right back into your makeup making a mess out of it. And, after all, isn’t that one of the reasons you want a toy makeup set for her? So it must look real. Our makeup toys for kids look and feel real, better yet, they’re 100% mess free!

Secondly, toy makeup needs to feel like real makeup when you touch it. Most don’t even make it look like real makeup, let alone feel like it. This aspect is one that only one pretend makeup company has figured out. When you rub your finger tip across the surface of the toy makeup does it feel soft and smooth? Do you look at your finger tip afterwards to see if any color is there? If not, it doesn’t feel much like real makeup does it?

The World’s Best Toy Makeup Set is Mini-Play Makeup

Finally, the world’s best pretend makeup makes both you and your daughter smile a very big genuine smile. There is nothing quite like the smile of a daughter. And that makes us mom’s smile also. Mini-Play Makeup has all three of these important characteristics. It looks like real makeup, as you can see for yourself. It feels like real makeup when you rub your finger tip across the surface. Most mothers immediately examine their finger tip after rubbing it across the surface of Mini-Play Makeup. There is no color transferring with this toy makeup. And finally, Mini-Play Makeup makes both you and your daughter smile for a very long time. Mothers who have purchased Mini-Play makeup over two years ago still report that their daughters play with their Mini-Play Makeup sets on a regular basis and that their daughters have not gotten into mom’s makeup ever since they purchased it. The world’s best is ready when you are.