Toxic Free Makeup


Toxic Free MakeupWhen my wife told me she was making pretend makeup and that one of the benefits would be that it was going to be toxic free makeup, I didn92t understand the value. First, I didn92t understand how important toxic free makeup would be because personally, I have never experienced any type of reaction, allergic or otherwise. However, our son is allergic to nearly everything on earth and I92m gaining experience. I92ve since met others who are extremely sensitive to any type of toxicity. The variety of reactions and distress that toxins can cause them has opened my eyes.

Assuring Toxic Free Makeup

Consequently, I now better understand why she would want to pursue a pretend toxic free makeup. But I still didn92t understand why pretend makeup? What92s the value in that? I thought. Once again, my limited view of the world was limiting my vision. She patiently explained that little girls want to emulate their mothers, including using makeup. Mothers want to encourage this but they don92t want a mess in their homes. Pretend toxic free makeup allows them to have both; a pretend makeup experience for their daughter to allow her to emulate her mother, and no mess for mom to clean up after words.

Pretend Toxic Free Makeup for our Little Girls

Now there is a solution for mothers who insist on toxic free makeup for their daughters who also do not want a mess after they have completed their play experience. Mini-Play Makeup has complete toxic free pretend makeup sets, accessories, or just the pretend toxic free makeup. A toxic free makeup solution for whatever you and your daughter92s needs may be.