Toxic Free Makeup For Kids


Toxic Free Makeup For KidsYour search for toxic free makeup for kids is over. Why? Because Mini-Play Makeup has the optimal solution for you. You see, Mini-Play Makeup has invented a pretend makeup line that is toxic-free makeup. How is it toxic free? Mini-Play Makeup is NOT real makeup, which is one reason you don92t have to worry about it being toxic. It was designed by a mother who wanted to keep her daughter out of her makeup so she invented a pretend makeup that looks real and feels real while also being 100% mess free!

Want Toxic-Free Makeup for Kids?

This pretend toxic-free makeup for kids looks so real it fools even the most discerning mothers and daughters. It92s made of a toxic free makeup material has been commonly used in the crafting industry for years. Our makeup has a wide range of vivid colors to delight your child92s eye and trigger their smile. But, we didn92t stop there. Mini-Play makeup is pretend makeup that also feels real to the touch. Countless times we92ve seen mothers immediately check their finger tips to look for makeup transfer. But, they won92t find it. Mini-Play Makeup is NOT real makeup thus it92s 100% mess free. This allows you to leave your daughter alone to play with her very own pretend makeup while you do other things that demand your time.

Get your Child the Ideal Toxic-Free Makeup for Kids Today

If you are interested in offering your child a toxic-free makeup experience which looks real, feels real and is also 100% mess free, then you should get Mini-Play Makeup today. Pretend toxic free makeup for kids has never looked or felt so real. It is realistic looking and feeling enough to keep your daughters interest for years to come. We92ve recently met with moms whose daughters have had it for 18 months and they report that their daughters are still playing with Mini-Play Makeup on a regular basis. Mini-Play Makeup is mess-free, toxic free and simply perfect for hours of play.