Pretend Plastic Makeup


Pretend Plastic MakeupIf you have searched for pretend plastic makeup you are probably searching for a suitable alternative to real makeup, which is 100% mess free, for your little girl to play with so she doesn’t make a mess out of your makeup any longer. At least this is the most common reason for searching for pretend plastic makeup. In which case, you need to know about Mini-Play Makeup and Mini-Play Makeup is fake makeup designed for little girls, and their mothers. Mini-Play Makeup is pretend, not real, makeup that has the appearance of real makeup visually. But it is not real. It is 100% fake.

But we didn’t stop there, we also insisted on making Mini-Play Makeup as realistic as possible by making it feel real to the touch of your finger. We are constantly surprised by how many people rub their fingertips across the surface of Mini-Play Makeup and then immediately examine their finger tip to see if any color or substance rubbed off. But nothing ever does, because it is fake. There will not be any color, lotion, powder, or any other substance that transfers from the fake makeup surface to your child’s skin, lips, clothing or your furniture. That is the genius of Mini-Play Makeup. It Looks like real makeup. It also feels like real makeup. And, it is 100% mess free. Pretend makeup gifts are the perfect gifts for girls wanting to play makeup with their friends or mom.

The Ideal Pretend Plastic Makeup

So, if you want the ideal pretend plastic makeup for your little girl, then go to and look at the makeup kits available. there are the traditional good, better and best options available to you. Each kit is designed to provide a pretend play experience that will be enjoyed for hours at a time and from months to years. Mothers who purchase Mini-Play Makeup keep coming back and tell us that their daughters have played with their Mini-Play Makeup kits for as long as over two years on a regular basis.