The Most Believable Pretend Makeup Ever!


Pretend MakeupIf you are looking for pretend makeup for your child, look no further. What makes one pretend makeup more compelling than another? One that LOOKS and FEELS real! So real in fact, that you will look at your finger tip after rubbing it on our pretend makeup–it feels that real. Not only does it feel real, but it looks real. Real enough to convince your child that she can play with it instead of getting into your own makeup. We’ve had many mothers tell us how their daughter no longer gets into their makeup because our pretend makeup is so convincing that their daughters now play with their own makeup for hours.

That’s not all. Not only have we thought about your daughter when designing Mini-Play Makeup pretend makeup, we also thought about you, mom. What makes a pretend kids makeup compelling for mom? The fact that it’s 100% mess free! Our pretend makeup does not make a mess, because it’s fake. It only looks and feels real. There is no transfer from the container to your finger or brush to your face or clothing. It looks real, it feels real, and best of all for you, mom, it’s mess free. You can let your daughter play with Mini-Play Makeup with confidence because there is absolutely no way this pretend makeup will make a mess.

Get rid of the mess with Pretend Makeup from Mini-Play Makeup

With Pretend makeup that looks real, feels real and is 100% mess free, you win. Your daughter wins. Your furniture wins, your clothing wins, your flooring wins. Your nerves win. Everybody wins. Take the mess out of your life with pretend makeup from Mini-Play Makeup today.