Pretend Makeup Toys


Pretend Makeup ToysLike most parents, you want pretend makeup toys that benefit both your child and yourself. We get our children toys to make them smile. If they are happy it has benefits for us. However, in the case of pretend makeup toys, we also need to make ourselves happy, in that we want a pretend makeup toy for our children that will not make a mess. Thus the word pretend and toy. If it weren’t pretend and a toy it would be real makeup and we all know what happens when our kids are turned loose with real makeup unsupervised. I don’t know about you, but my emotional psychological constitution cannot take that result too often.

That’s exactly the reason that we created Mini-Play Makeup; to create a toy that had all the benefits of real makeup, except for the actual real makeup, in a toy or pretend experience. Now both you and your child can have the benefits of a pretend experience with makeup. Because Mini-Play Makeup looks exactly like real makeup, your kids will play with it for a long time. But, we didn’t stop there, we wanted it to also feel like real makeup to the touch. This is why, when most people touch the surface of our pretend/fake makeup toys, they immediately examine their finger tip to see if any color transferred. Nothing transfers with Mini-Play Makeup. It’s 100 percent fake. Our pretend makeup gifts will put a special smile on your little girls face. They’ll play with it for hours!

Realistic Pretend Makeup Toys

Mini-Play Makeup simulates real makeup so well that mothers tell us year after year that their daughters have played with it consistently for over a two year period. They also keep coming back to see what is new this year at Mini-Play Makeup. Their children’s consistent play over such a long period of time is testimony to how compelling of a pretend makeup toy Mini-Play Makeup kits really are. After all, kids cast their vote with what they do more than what they say. See how realistic Mini-Play Makeup is today by visiting us at