The Scoop on Pretend Makeup Sets


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I first learned of the concept of pretend makeup sets just two years ago. Since that time, I’ve heard more about pretend makeup sets than the upcoming election. Why? Because my beloved wife created a pretend makeup set that is so realistic looking and feeling that mothers have told me that she is a genius, and not because she married me. Which I thought was very rude. However, in that process, I learned the required elements that make up the perfect pretend makeup set.

First, it needs to look real. If it looks fake, your children won’t play with it very long and they will be right back into your makeup making a mess which is what got you thinking about a pretend makeup set to begin with. Second, it needs to feel real. So real, that you check your finger tip after rubbing it across the surface of the pretend makeup. If your pretend makeup set accomplishes these two things you almost have the perfect pretend makeup set.

Mess Free–A Required Element for Perfect Pretend Makeup Sets.

Of course the perfect pretend makeup sets need to be 100% mess free! That means there is zero chance of a mess while your child plays with a pretend makeup set. With Mini-Play Makeup, the realistic look and feel convinces even the most discerning mothers and daughters. The fact that it’s a mess-free product will win your heart and hers. Let her play without fear of retribution. And while she plays you will have complete confidence that nothing will be ruined. Mini-Play Makeup sets are adorable. But more importantly, they look real. They feel real, and they are 100% mess free kids pretend makeup. Go ahead, get your perfect pretend makeup set today. You won’t be disappointed.