Pretend Makeup Set


When My Daughter Smiles, I Begin to Understand the Value of Her Pretend Makeup Set

Pretend Makeup SetWith only one daughter, surrounded by three brothers, you would think that a pretend makeup set wouldn’t be a priority. One moment my daughter is playing swords with her brothers and the next, she’s parading around in high heels and a pink boa around her neck. From tomboy to princess and back again, one never knows the mood she’ll be in. One thing that always brings a smile to her face is her pretend makeup set. Those of us with daughters know something about the power of her smile. Let’s face it! We each want all of our children to be happy and content. But there is something special about a daughter’s smile. Am I right moms and dads? A smile can mean many things, but when it comes from my daughter, it seems to mean so much more. So, when the concept of a pretend makeup set first entered our discussions, I didn’t understand how many more times I would be blessed with that smile. Had I known, I would never have questioned the value of a pretend makeup set. That

smile is priceless to me. I want to see it as often as possible, so long as we don’t spoil her in the process.

I understood the generic virtues of a pretend makeup set at a practical level. It allows my daughter to play at mimicking her mom and simulate putting on makeup. This pretend makeup looks and feels real so she doesn’t feel patronized by something that doesn’t feel authentic. Sure, it allows her to do so without making a mess, which makes me smile. But the most compelling aspect of it to me is the smile that she shines on me while playing with her makeup set.

You Will Love the Smile That This Pretend Makeup Set Puts on Your Daughter’s Face

If you value your daughters smile as much as I do, you will strongly consider this pretend makeup set. Her smile has been well worth it for me as it will be for you. Mini-Play Makeup kids pretend makeup sets and lipstick will put a big smile on your little girl every time she plays with it.