Pretend Makeup Gifts


Pretend Makeup GiftsPretend makeup gifts means different things to different people. To some it means real makeup used to pretend with. To others it means a block of wood painted to vaguely resemble the image of a makeup case and color. Neither of these seem to capture what it means to little girls. Giving pretend makeup gifts to little girls and their mothers is something that looks so much like real makeup and feels so much like real makeup that the only way you know it’s not real is by examining your finger tip after you rub it across the surface. Only then do you realize that it’s not exactly real. Because with this type of pretend makeup there is no color, nor lotion nor powder, and incidentally, no mess either.

This is the philosophy of Mini-Play Makeup. Attempt to create an experience that looks and feels so real that little girls will play with it repeatedly for hours at a time. And, by the way, not be disappointed because their face didn’t turn red as they rubbed pretend makeup on it. That is the essence of the idea behind Mini-Play Makeup. It is fake makeup designed exclusively for little girls to use their imagination and pretend at being just like mom.

Excellent Pretend Makeup Gifts for Daughters

Mini-Play Makeup makes pretend makeup gifts. It’s the fact that Mini-Play Makeup looks real and feels real to the touch that keeps daughters playing with it and enabling them to enjoy makeup time with mom. Many of our customers report back to us that they now enjoy putting on makeup together with their little girls since they gave their daughters Mini-Play Makeup kits as their very own makeup. It has turned a messy experience into a mess free and stress free experience that is mutually rewarding for both mother and daughter.