Pretend Makeup Gifts for Girls Age 5


Precocious? Probably. However, if you are looking for pretend makeup gifts for girls age 5 than you will want to seriously consider Mini-Play Makeup. Why? Simply because Mini-Play Makeup is designed specifically for girls in that age range. Little girls want to grow up and be like mom in a hurry, that’s why they get into your makeup. They are pretending to be mom. It is designed for both mother and daughter in mind. For your daughter because it looks like real makeup, and it also feels like real makeup when you touch the surface of the shadows, compact and lip colors. It is often a source of confusion because people will look at their fingertip after rubbing it across the surface of the pretend makeup. They expect to see color transfer. But, none does because it is fake makeup. So, there is a compelling look and feel for little girls to make it as close to authentic makeup as possible.

You have found the Perfect Pretend Makeup Gift for Girls age 5

Pretend Makeup Gifts for Girls Age 5It is also compelling for mom because we designed it to be mess free. Pretend makeup gifts for girls age 5, or similar ages need to be mess free or mom still has a problem. Mini-Play Makeup designed their products to look and feel real, but also not be real so mom has no mess to clean up. You can turn your little one loose to play with Mini-Play Makeup and forget about it because there will be no mess, because it’s not real makeup. It just looks and feels like real makeup.

So, go ahead and watch the videos of mothers and grandmothers who have tried it before. Look at the various kits and pretend makeup gifts for girls age 5 ideas and try Mini-Play Makeup. You, and your daughter will be glad you did. No mess for you and countless hours of fun for her.