Be Selective when Choosing Pretend Makeup for Kids


Pretend Makeup for KidsNot all pretend makeup for kids are equal. Some are cheap and don’t look and feel real; consequently, they don’t hold your child’s attention and before long, they are right back in your makeup making a mess again. Some are overly expensive and made out of wood materials that don’t look anything like the real thing.

What you want is pretend makeup for kids that looks real, feels real, and doesn’t make a mess. Mini-Play Makeup had this in mind when they designed their line of pretend makeup for kids. First, it looks like real makeup. It was necessary to ensure it holds your child’s attention . . . and that’s exactly what it does. Second, it feels real to the touch. When people rub their finger tip on the surface of the makeup they notice how soft and smooth it is. In fact, it feels so real, that people check their finger tips after touching the makeup because they can’t believe the color didn’t transfer. It doesn’t transfer because it’s not real makeup… it’s 100% kids pretend makeup.

Make the Best Choice for your Child’s Pretend Makeup for Kids

Choose Mini-Play Makeup when choosing pretend makeup for kids, because it looks real and feels incredibly real. And the best part–it is also 100% mess free! You have our guarantee that there is absolutely no color transfer from the container to skin, brows, lashes, or nails. It’s pretend makeup designed to simulate the act of putting on makeup. You can allow her to play with confidence and without fear of punishment for getting into real makeup. You’ll be worry free when you allow her to play with her very own Mini-Play Makeup for hours. Check out the videos of what some of the mothers and grandmothers are saying about the kids in their lives who’ve had it for over a year. You will be thrilled with the results of this pretend makeup for kids.