Realistic Pretend Makeup for Girls


Pretend Makeup for GirlsPretend makeup for girls that looks and feels so real that we often hear, “Are you sure this is pretend makeup?” We also frequently observe mothers checking their finger tips after rubbing them on the colors within the containers of our makeup because it feels so unbelievably real. You see, Mini-Play Makeup is not real makeup. We can claim that it is 100% mess free, because it is. Pretend makeup for girls has never looked or felt so real, and many women and girls have a hard time believing that it’s not. We promise it’s fake! In fact, one little girl has coined the phrase “fake-up makeup” to describe Mini-Play Makeup.

Our main objective at Mini-Play Makeup was to create compelling pretend play experiences for your daughters and granddaughters. It needed to be realistic enough to hold your daughter’s attention and mess free so that there was no mess to clean up after play. We did just that. Mini-Play Makeup is pretend makeup for girls looks real, feels real, and is 100% mess free. Our blushes, shadows, glosses and compact are all 100% fake and will not make a mess. Girls’ love it because it empowers them to play with makeup without fear of retribution.

Try our Pretend Makeup for Girls and See Just How Real It Is

Your daughter will play for hours and hours with Mini-Play Makeup. We continually get feedback from mothers that their daughters adore our makeup and continue to play with it even a year later. cleaning Say goodbye to makeup messes today and hello to your daughter playing with the best pretend makeup for girls on the market! Look no further for your pretend makeup, we’ll put a smile on your kids face :)