Pretend Make Up


Pretend Make UpThe definition of pretend make up appears to be somewhat akin to the belief in Santa Claus. It92s a matter of opinion, and possibly a function of your age. There are some who consider pretend make up to be real make up, (just like the kind that girls start using as teens and adult women have used since time immemorial) yet marketed as 93pretend.94 Personally, I don92t understand this definition, because there isn92t really any pretending going on. It92s real makeup folks. It comes off from its container and transfers color to the surface of your skin. Not much pretending going on in that scenario. Yet, some consider this classification to be pretend make up.

What is Pretend Make Up Precisely?

The classification of pretend make up that I can wrap my head around is the kind where it looks like real makeup and even feels like real makeup to the touch but isn92t real. It92s fake. No matter how a child tries with this type of makeup, they cannot get any color onto the surface of their skin. Yet, they can pretend applying makeup to their little heart92s content. That is pretend make up to most of us. It92s also very likely what you came online looking for.

Choose Pretend Make Up that Looks and Feels Real

What motivates us to want pretend make up? Isn92t it that our child wants to emulate us so they often get into our makeup and make a very lovely mess? That combined with the fact that we want them to stop making messes with our makeup. Introducing, Mini-Play Makeup97a pretend make up that looks and feels like real makeup but does not transfer any color to the surface of your child92s skin. How? It is fake makeup or pretend makeup. It is not real, thus it falls into the second category of pretend make up as described above. But, perhaps most importantly, it has been proven by children and mothers for a couple of years now to stop your little one from getting into your makeup. The realistic nature of our makeup grabs and keeps your little one92s attention. See for yourself!