Pretend Make Up For Kids


Pretend Make Up For KidsOur first guess is that you want pretend make up for kids because you have recently had a child who got into your makeup and, in the process, made a terrific mess. One so compelling and noteworthy that you wish you would have taken a picture to preserve it for posterity. This is a common reason that parents look for pretend make up for kids. They are fed up with the mess that their child keeps making by getting into their own makeup so they want to distract the child by giving them something that will prevent them from getting into mom92s makeup any longer. This is a perfectly legitimate reason for looking for pretend makeup for kids. The very one that actually caused us to invent Mini-Play Makeup as well.

Three Guesses as to Why you are Looking for Pretend Make Up for Kids

Our second guess is that you want pretend make up for kids because you recognize that your little one has a natural desire to imitate you and that makeup is no exception to this inborn need to imitate their adult role models. We92ve all seen it85 little boys putting shaving cream on their faces dragging dads razor across their chins which is a similar action to kids play makeup. Additionally, little girls prancing around in front of a mirror wearing mom92s heals, dress and hat looking like a very mature four-year-old. This is a natural thing for little ones to do copying mom with her makeup is also a place where daughters imitate their mothers.

Lastly, the Third Reason you are Searching for Pretend Make Up for Kids

You recognize both of the above reasons are not isolated events and will continue to play out. We understand that you don92t want to clean up that mess anymore after they get done destroying your makeup. Who can blame you? These three reasons were the catalyst for the invention of Mini-Play Makeup. Take a closer look and help your little ones pretend at being grown up97mess free.