Pretend Cosmetic


Pretend CosmeticI don’t think I’m far from the mark when I say that you are probably looking for a pretend cosmetic that will grab and hold your child’s attention for sustained periods of time, so that they will no longer make a mess with your own cosmetics. Moms the world over struggle with this age-old makeup issue. It is natural for your daughter to want to mimic you. You are who she models her behavior after-like it or not. Most little girls want to be like mom. And, applying makeup is no exception. Thus the need for a good pretend cosmetic that doesn’t make a mess and that grabs and holds their attention for long periods of time. The ideal pretend cosmetic allows them to act out that inner programming of pretending to be like mom in a mess-free way.

This modeling behavior, exhibited the creator’s own daughter, resulted in many personal makeup messes. This is what began the experimentation with ideas of a total makeup line for little girls. A line that would be totally mess free, yet believable enough to hold a child’s attention. Mini-Play Makeup not only looks real, it feels real too. Fake cosmetics are perfect for the home and toy room, no mess, smiles for everyone.

The Ideal Pretend Cosmetic

The ideal pretend cosmetic has both the look and the feel of real makeup to the touch of the finger. Mini-Play Makeup meets both requirements. It looks like real makeup to the eye, and it feels like real makeup to the touch. I am constantly amazed at how many mothers examine their finger tip after rubbing it across the surface of our makeup. They do this because it feels so much like makeup that they want to see if any color transferred from the surface of the makeup to their finger tip. With Mini-Play Makeup there is no color transfer. It’s the most convincing mess-free makeup on the market today– making it the ideal pretend cosmetic.