Play Makeup


Play MakeupLooking for play makeup for your little one? You have found the perfect play makeup. This play makeup is not just for your little one, but for you as well. How can I say that with such certainty? Easy, Mini-Play Makeup is the only play makeup that looks like real makeup, feels like real makeup yet is 100 % mess free. Let me guess, your little one likes to mimic you and one area they have found to practice that emulation is to get into your makeup and play with it. In the process they make a very large mess that you get to clean up. It’s for this precise reason that play makeup needs to look and feel real in order to keep your little one’s attention focused on it instead of on your makeup and another potential mess.

Mini-Play Makeup is designed for children and for moms. It looks and feels real for your little one but it is mess free for moms. You may be thinking, “How can it be 100% mess free?” Easy, it’s not real makeup. Mini-Play Makeup is 100% fake. There is no color transfer from the container to the surface of your child’s skin. Our makeup is the ideal solution for both mother and child. Mini-Play Makeup has blushes, eye shadows, lip glosses, nail polish, a compact and brushes. You can select from various kits or select ala cart to whatever your requirements may be.

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Mini-Play Makeup has been around for roughly two years and mothers all over the country report how their daughters love it. They no longer get into mom’s makeup and that they play with it for hours on end week in and week out. We’ve even seen mothers buy it again because we’ve introduced new pieces into the line, telling us how their daughter still plays with Mini-Play Makeup after having it for over a year. See for yourself.