Play Makeup Set


What’s the Best Thing About Mini-Play Makeup’s Play Makeup Set?

Play Makeup SetThe answer in simplest terms is that our play makeup set is 100% mess free! This last week our two year old decided that our carpet would look much better if he poured some oil based liquid dye on it I had stored away for an art project. His work was rather artsy, and if it were on a canvas may have done very well at certain art shows. However, it wasn’t canvas, nor was it in an art show. It was on our brand new carpet and it made an awful mess. We had to initiate an emergency carpet cleaning call–which still didn’t take care of it all–but now we know that there is such a thing as an emergency carpet cleaning call. Check out all our kids play makeup and make your child happy for days to come.

Life has enough of these types of messes already without inviting further mess into our lives. That’s why all of the products included in our play makeup set are 100% mess free. It doesn’t matter if you are considering our Compact, True Blue, Mocha or Pinkle eye shadow colors, our Roll-On Lip Gloss, or Nail Polish–they are all 100% mess free! You see, our play makeup set was designed as much for you mothers as it was for your daughters. Both of you will love it! Your daughter will because it looks and feels real. You will, because you get to avoid the nasty mess.

If You Have Had Enough Carpets Mistaken for Canvas, Try Our Play Makeup Set.

We guarantee zero messes on faces, furniture, carpets and clothing! You and your daughter will be glad you tried one of our play makeup sets. Oh, and recommend that you keep all oil- based liquid dyes out of reach of any and all children–ask me how I know.