Play Makeup for Kids


Play Makeup for KidsPlay Makeup for Kids, A New Tradition, and affordable. A recent addition to our family traditions is giving play makeup for kids as part of our secret Santa gifts each year. Our family tries to maintain a number of different traditions as a tool to help them create anchors of emotional stability later in life. Why include play makeup for kids as part of this tradition? I’m glad you asked that. First, all little girls want to emulate their mother, including pretending to put on makeup, so little girl play makeup is just the ticket for filling that need. Second, making it “play” or “fake” provides significant value for mom, because there is zero mess to clean up once your daughter has finished a given play session.

It’s for both these reasons that Mini-Play Makeup was invented. It is pretend makeup that looks and feels so real you will be amazed. Your daughter will be thrilled to play with Mini-Play Makeup because it does look and feel so real. Not only that, Mini-Play Makeup has gone to great lengths to present their kits in a way that appeals to both mom’s and daughters’ sense of style. Our kids play makeup is toxic free plus, since it’s pretend makeup, it doesn’t make a mess!

So Make a New Tradition with your Daughter, Give her Play Makeup for Kids

For those of us who are mothers, perhaps the most compelling aspect of our makeup is that it is 100% mess free. You get to have the peace of mind knowing that your daughter is playing with makeup that won’t leave a mess behind for you to clean up. Play makeup for kids has never looked or felt so real. So, take that step for both you and your daughter, you both will be glad you did.