Plastic Toy Makeup


Plastic Toy MakeupWhen you think of plastic toy makeup, a variety of images come to mind. These images can be described as “brittle,” “cheap,” “fragile,” or perhaps “unrealistic.” Whatever images, and their accompanying descriptions, they can be replaced with a new set of images and descriptions. That is as long as you consider Mini-Play Makeup fake makeup for little girls. You see, Mini-Play Makeup was developed with the sole purpose of emulating real makeup as closely as possible so to hold your little one’s attention for a good long time. Additionally, it was designed to be fake to remove the possibility of your little one making any further makeup messes for you to clean up any longer.

We succeeded. Mini-Play Makeup is so realistic looking and so realistic feeling to the touch of your finger that the majority of mom’s who rub their finger tip across the surface will immediately examine their finger to see if any color or substance transferred from the makeup’s surface. Nothing transfers because it is fake, yet it looks and feels realistic to fool most of us into checking our finger tips. Our makeup toys for kids is mess free, it won’t get on your furniture, carpet, or kids face!

Say Hello to a Realistic Replacement for Plastic Toy Makeup

If you wanted a plastic toy makeup for your child for any number of reasons; consider that Mini-Play Makeup mom’s report that their little ones quit getting into mom’s makeup immediately after they received their pretend makeup from Mini-Play Makeup. Also, consider that those same mom’s report that their daughters have continued to play with their pretend makeup for over 2 years after receiving their play makeup. That’s a compelling case for how realistic Mini-Play Makeup is and how effective it is at avoiding future makeup messes for you. Not only that, but also at creating years of smiles for your little one as she plays with Mini-Play Makeup.