Your Search for Plastic Pretend Makeup is Over


Plastic Pretend MakeupYou have just found the best plastic pretend makeup available on the market! Mini-Play Makeup offers pretend makeup solutions that meet even the most discerning mother’s requirements. Mini-Play Makeup’s pretend makeup looks and feels so real that countless women and girls check their finger tips after rubbing them across the surface of our blushes, shadows, glosses and compacts. But, don’t think for a minute that this is real makeup. This is NOT REAL makeup! Yet it’s more sophisticated than the plastic makeup of the 70s and 80s.

Your child will play for hours and hours with Mini-Play’s Plastic pretend makeup because it looks and feels so real. You will have peace of mind knowing that you won’t have a mess waiting for you to clean up after they finish playing. Why? Because Mini-Play Makeup not only looks and feels real, but it is 100% mess free. You see, Mini-Play Makeup was designed by a mother whose daughter got into her makeup and made a mess multiple times. Consequently, she thought, there must be a better way. And there was, but she had to make that better way; which she did, by creating the ideal pretend makeup.

Get the Ideal Plastic Pretend Makeup for your Daughter Today

Get your daughter out of your makeup once and for all by getting her the ideal plastic pretend makeup. We’ve talked to mothers who have had Mini-Play Makeup in their home for over 18 months and they report that their daughter no longer gets into mom’s makeup. But, this is not all. They also report that their daughters still play with her pretend makeup on a regular basis even after having it that long. Get your daughter out of your makeup once and for all and allow her to play freely with her own makeup. It’s so believable that she’ll forget it’s pretend.