Plastic Play Makeup


Plastic Play MakeupIf you are looking for plastic play makeup, it’s probably because you want to get some pretend makeup for your daughter who has recently gotten into your makeup and made a big mess out of the makeup, her clothes, the countertop, the floor, and essentially everything within reach. Either that or she really like to play makeup with you, and you want a mess-free means of allowing her to play at makeup. Whatever the reason, you need to know about Mini-Play Makeup.

Better Than Plastic Play Makeup

Mini-Play Makeup is not plastic play makeup. It’s actually much better because it looks like real makeup. And, perhaps even more importantly, it feels like real makeup to the touch. I’m always amazed at how many people rub their finger tip across the surface of the makeup and then immediately examine their finger tip to see if any color rubbed off the surface onto their skin. It never does, because it’s not real makeup. It only looks and feel like it; which is perfect for your situation because you don’t want a makeup mess but you do want her to have an authentic pretend makeup experience. We call it better than real makeup because our plastic makeup has all the virtues of real makeup for your little one but none of the downside, such as the risk of a mess being made.

There is plenty of time, but there is also no time like the present, to give the gift of a mess-free play makeup set to your little one and yourself. Mothers who have purchased Mini-Play Makeup report as much as 18 months later that their daughters still play with their Mini-Play Makeup kits on a regular basis, even though it’s not real makeup. Many have to get a second kit for their younger daughter because the older one is still playing with her original kit and not ready to give it up as a “hand-me-down.” You can’t get any better than that.