Plastic Lipstick


Plastic LipstickThe term “plastic Lipstick” may conjure up a variety of images depending on one’s point of view. However, for our purposes we’ll stick to the idea that plastic lipstick is a toy intended for a little girl somewhere whose mother wants her to have a play experience without a real lipstick mess. So, you are searching for toy makeup that includes lipstick, and you want it to be mess free? You are in luck. Mini-Play Makeup is the premier pretend makeup for little girls available only online. What makes Mini-Play Makeup the best? Two things: First, Mini-Play Makeup toys look like real makeup. Second, Mini-Play Makeup toys feel like real makeup when you touch them.

Looking like real makeup is easier than feeling like it. However, most fake makeup or lipstick offerings don’t do a very good job of looking like real makeup. They are either real, with the potential of making a mess, or they are fake and they look really fake. Consequently, your little girl loses interest in playing with them much sooner. And before long, she’s back into your lipstick making a very large mess. That’s precisely why pretend makeup/lipstick needs to look like the real thing. Feeling like real makeup to the touch is more difficult than looking like it. Mini-Play Makeup makes shadows and blushes that feel so much like real makeup to the touch that most people examine their finger tip after rubbing it across the surface of the pretend makeup. They are checking for color on their skin. It feels that real! Kids like plastic makeup, they LOVE MiniPlay Makeup.

Better than Plastic Lipstick

Mini-Play Makeup also makes lip rollers that simulate the real thing but there is no liquid inside. We use real rollers from real lip gloss containers that show off the color inside very nicely. But don’t worry, there is no mess with these. They just look real. Take a look for yourself.