Makeup Toys for Kids


Makeup Toys for KidsAre you interested in makeup toys for kids? What specifically are you interested in? Is it to keep your little one out of your makeup and avoid a mess for you to clean up? Or, is it to enhance your time together when you are applying makeup so she can do the same, without the mess? Whatever your motivation is toy makeup for kids you can rest easy when you select Mini-Play Makeup’s makeup toys for kids.

Makeup Toys for Kids Worth Writing About

Mini-Play Makeup is designed for moms who want their daughters to have a play makeup experience without a real makeup mess. Additionally, it can enhance those times that you are applying makeup and she is doing her level best to do the same thing. Mini-Play Makeup allows you to have your makeup while she can have hers. She will apply the compact as you do. She will put on the shadows while you do. She will ask for your advice on brush selection for a specific shadow. Not only that, but with Mini-Play Makeup you can both apply Nail polish at the same time. Of course, this would be without the actual polish getting everywhere. Dad’s can rest easy with Mini-Play Nail polish. She can do his nails everyday but he will never have to clean them off because this is a makeup toy for kids, not real makeup.

You win because you don’t have a mess to clean up. She wins because she gets to emulate her mom and have her own pretend makeup. Dad even wins because he no longer has to put on gloves to go outside after a nail polish painting session. Everybody wins with Mini-Play Makeup. There are combinations of kits or ala cart for every interest and budget.