New Makeup Toys you May Not Have Thought of


Makeup toys mean many things to many people. To some it means actual real makeup, only packaged and priced as a toy. To others, that is a makeup mess waiting to happen. Their view of makeup toys is more along the lines of an actual toy. Or, something that looks somewhat like makeup that can be used to pretend to apply, but won’t actually leave any color, lotion, powder, grease or other residue behind. Still, to others, toy makeup means something in between the two.

Mini-Play Makeup offers realistic feeling play makeup that is fake. In other words, it’s a makeup toy that looks like real makeup that leaves behind no mess. However, it also does one thing that no other toy does. It actually feels like real makeup to the touch. Most people who rub their fingertips across the surface of Mini-Play Makeup’s patent pending pretend makeup surface immediately examine their fingertip to see if there is any color transferred from the surface of the fake makeup to their fingertip. There never is because it’s FAKE makeup. How else could claim to be mess free? It is 100% mess free and therefore stress free to you mom’s.

Makeup Toys that feel real to You & Your Little Cover Girl

Not only do Miniplay makeup toys makeup provide stress free play time for mom’s but because it feels real it also keeps your budding cover girls out of mom’s makeup forever. Mothers who have purchased kits swear that their daughters have never gotten back into mom’s makeup since they acquired their Mini-Play Makeup kit for their daughter. Some mothers have told us their daughters have consistently played with their own Mini-Play Makeup kit for 4 years straight. Now that is toy Makeup with more than a little extra mileage!