Makeup Sets For Little Girls


Makeup Sets For Little GirlsWhen it comes to makeup sets for little girls you can92t find a better solution than makeup sets from Mini-Play Makeup. Our makeup sets for little girls offer the optimal balance of looking real, feeling real with the added bonus of being 100% mess free. We set out to create pretend makeup sets that didn92t make a mess but would also look real. We ended up making one that exceeded even our goals by also feeling real to the touch. How did we do it? We selected components and materials for little girls make up that had vivid colors, rich textures to touch and feel and containers that were very close to the real thing, yet are not real makeup so it is the optimal solution for mom92s who want a pretend play makeup set for their little girl yet do not want to have to supervise in order to avoid a mess.

Our founder had a daughter at that critical age who wanted to copy her mom by putting on makeup. This happened often and it always resulted in a mess. She thought, 93There must be something out there that I can get to take her attention away from my makeup and avoid more messes.94 When she couldn92t find what she was looking for she created her own line of the most believable fake makeup on the market. And now you and your daughter can benefit from her creation with Mini-Play Makeup.

The Best Makeup Sets for Little Girls are Right Here

We are constantly amazed by mothers who rub their fingers across our pretend makeup and immediately examine their finger tip to see if anything rubbed off like real makeup would. Often they try again just to be sure. That92s the level of real in the feel of our pretend makeup sets for little girls. Try out Mini-Play Makeup sets today and you will be amazed at how real they look and feel. We don92t think any mother will be disappointed that it92s 100% mess free. Allow your daughter or granddaughter to play freely with Mini-Play Makeup sets for little girls.