Makeup Kits for Little Girls


Makeup Kits for Little GirlsThroughout time, daughters have been mimicking their mothers causing a need for makeup kits for little girls. Additionally, mothers have always wanted good things for their daughters. It’s a natural sequence. Little girls want to be like their mothers and mothers want their daughters to have good things. So, when Mini-Play Makeup created their line of pretend makeup kits for little girls, they focused on both daughter and mother. We have a very affordable & addorable kids makeup kit that will make you little one smile from ear to ear!

Our Pretend Makeup Experience Was Motivated by a Mother Daughter Relationship.

My daughter kept getting into my makeup, pretending to be me, and in the process she made a horrible mess out of my makeup, on her clothes, on the flooring, on the furniture, or wherever she happened to be during that particular makeup encounter.

So, we focused on creating something realistic enough for little girls that would not make the typical mess that comes from a little girls playing with real makeup. After all, mothers have enough messes to clean up! So we came up with pretend little girls’ makeup kits that have never looked or felt so real, yet are 100% mess free so you don’t have to deal with the mess.

Get the Best for Both of You With Mini-Play Makeup Kits for Little Girls!

You will be amazed at how much fun your daughter will have with these pretend makeup kits for little girls. Not only are they realistic and mess free, but they are also cleverly packaged and appealing to both of you. With your daughter in mind, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure a realistic look and feel with an appealing overall appearance to satisfy even the most discerning mother and daughters.